What Are My Treatment Options?

Just like there is more than one way to cook an egg, there is a variety of ways to treat a segmental condition.  It is NOT our intent to give you our opinion on all the different options you have available.  We just want to make you aware that we are not your only option. 

More often than not, the first step for most people who are in pain is prescription or over the counter medications.  From there, if that doesn't work out, they will usually seek the help of a physical therapist.  Most PTs will give you a series of exercises to perform in their office or at home and then send you on your way.  The next step might be injections or nerve blocks to help deaden the nerves or control inflammation.  And finally, surgical interventions.

Our solution at Capital Chiropractic is to focus on Segmental Spinal Dysfunction.  We do this by utilizing Segmental Adjusting techniques combined with specific Segmental Corrective Rehabilitation.  As we correct the segmental shifts in the spine, this will relieve pressure on the discs, muscles and ligaments which will subsequently relieve pressure on the nerves and many Secondary Conditions will improve.