What Makes Us Different?

We think a great place to start when asked, "What makes you different?" is to define what is considered to be "traditional" chiropractic care.  Traditional chiropractic care basically has the following goals:
  1. Reduce Pain
  2. Decrease Muscle Spasm
  3. Increase Range of Motion
This is what MOST chiropractors offer in the way of care, and we believe that most of them do a great job at what they do.

However unlike traditional chiropractors, we at Capital Chiropractic focus on an area of chiropractic known as Segmental Correction and, more specifically, the correction of Segmental Spinal Dysfunction (SSD).  We do this by utilizing specific Segmental Adjusting techniques and instruments, combined with Segmental Corrective rehabilitation to accomplish this goal.

Usually the next question asked is "What is Segmental Spinal Dysfunction?"  Segmental Spinal Dysfunction (SSD) can be defined as a shift in the alignment of one or more vertebra(e) at different segments that causes a loss of normal function at the affected segment(s).

Each of us is familiar with what is "normals" in our own everyday life.  Normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees, normal eyesight is 20/20 vision.  Many of us even know what would be considered normal blood pressure: 120/80 mm Hg.  In order for you to know what abnormal is, you must first understand what normal is.