What I Need To Know Before My Examination?

Before we perform any examination, each prospective patient has a consultation with the doctor. We do this to find out if you are a good fit for our practice and if we are a good fit for the results you want to achieve. Remember, in our office, a consultation is a conversation NOT a commitment.

Our examination is comprehensive and involves the patient moving into different positions.

For this reason, we ask that for your first visit wear tighter fitting clothes such as gym or yoga wear. This helps us avoid the dreaded "hospital" gowns and keeps you from wearing any of the embarrassing styles we might have.  So please, leave the baggy clothes at home when you come for your examination. Thanks.

Other things to expect in our Segmental Correction Examination:
  • Any Necessary Orthopedic and Neurological tests
  • A Digital Structural Analysis
  • A Digital Range of Motion Analysis
  • A Structural Symmetry Analysis
Once all the information from the Segmental Correction Examination is collected and analyzed, we then customize your Initial Phase of Care which will be discussed with you during the Patient Conference.  We will review the results from your Segmental Correction Examination and carefully review everything we plan to do for you in our office.  We will also talk about your Complementary Requirements as well as what you will need to do once you leave our office and return home in order to achieve your goals.

What there won't be:
  • no hard sales to sign up for a "year-o-care"
  • no gimmicks or tactics to get you to commit to our care
  • no 2 for 1 deals on a package of care
  • no free set of steak knives or gift certificates to cheesy restaurants (sorry to disappoint)
After your Patient Conference, you will start your first treatment, with any necessary rehab.  You will be briefed on office and financial procedures and given any post-treatment recommendations.  Someone from our office will call to check on you within 24 hours after your first treatment, just to be sure all your questions have been answered.  No pressure - the decision about treatment is all yours.